About Thunderbeat...

Devara ThunderBeat is the founder and Creator of “Egypt in Sedona Tours”. She has been to Egypt many times and has been studying Ancient Egypt since 1997.

When she moved to Sedona in the year 2000 she immediately hiked many Sedona trails and adventured off trail. After only 2 weeks she noticed Ancient Egyptian figures in the Rocks. She saw Sphinx’s not just one but many. She was amazed!

Here is the Ancient Egyptian figure’s she has found so far. Sphinx’s, Osiris, Thoth, Hathor, ISIS, Lion Sphinx, Camel, Anubis, Ram- Khnum, Hathor, Sekhmet, RA, Maat, pyramids.


The rocks are alive, they emit frequencies, like all things.  Everything is just energy in different forms.  The Red Rocks of Sedona are in fact where tributary statues, temples, pyramids existed before they were destroyed thousands of years ago!