Psychic Readings

Sound Healings and Psychic Readings Can Change Your Life

For centuries there have been people who understand things that are out of the reach of most of us. Having psychic readings can reveal such things as where your chakras are blocked, causing an interruption in the energy flow of the life force. This can cause all manner of problems, both physical and emotional. During your reading, you will discover your higher self, relieving the stress and anxiety that keeps you from reaching your full potential. When chakras are blocked, you can feel the dis-ease within your body and soul.
Reiki healing of your chakras will remove the blocks and get the energy flowing freely once again. Things you can expect when you are done are a reduction of stress and anxiety, deeper healing sleep, and greater memory. You will feel lighter and more positive and may find physical pain has also been alleviated. Everything is energy and by manipulating that energy through Reiki, it can be purified and made more productive. The session may end with a suggestion for natural herbs that will aid in continued healing.
Sound healing sessions continue the process. Sound has long been considered a great healer, especially when done with intention. You will not only hear the music but will also experience it. The tunes combine traditional Native American music with music from the tribes around the world that understand how the drum beats to the rhythm of the Earth's heartbeat. You will learn how to produce that drumming yourself so you can practice self-healing once you have completed your session. This will allow you to unblock your own chakras and remove negative energy long before it creates problems in the future. You come away from the sound healing sessions full of energy and free of stress.