Sedona Music

Sedona Music: A Sound Like No Other

Do you know what the heartbeat of the Earth sounds like? It is a sound that relieves stress and anxiety. It heals the mind, the body, and the soul. This music has been found in part in Native American tunes and in every native culture throughout the world. It is a sound that you feel as well as hear and it causes you to never hear music the same again. When you combine this music with spiritual notes and intentional drumming, you have Sedona music.
Any Sedona sightseeing visit should include a stop to hear some Sedona music. Imagine traditional Naive American music, now add to that soothing spiritual music that clears your chakras, heals your soul, and brings peace to your heart. Finally, add in the rhythm of the Earth as it comes alive through the sound of drumming. Your Sedona sightseeing has just become a journey beyond the boundaries of Sedona, Arizona, and the Universe itself. Don't forget to take home some recordings so you can return again and again to that place that is your reserved spot among the Cosmos, that place where you become one with all that exists.
When you choose the pieces to take home with you, consider choosing something that contains visuals. The colors and patterns will deepen your experience and make the journey so much better — if perfection can be made better. Don't forget those you love. What better gift can you give than the gift of healing and a place as one with the Universe?