Tour Guides

Tour Guides Are the Experts

What makes sightseeing tours in Sedona so exciting? Part of it is the unique locations and events found only in Sedona. Part is our vehicles that allow for comfortable temperatures during the hot desert days. What really makes it unique is our choice of tour guides.
Our guides know the area. They don't simply recite history facts they read in some book. They make history come alive. Each guide can add a different aspect to the tour with special stories and insights that can only come about from experience and a genuine love of what they are sharing.
When you finish a sightseeing tour, you will feel as though you grew up in the area. The tour guide will seem to be a person you have always known as they have shared not only basic information but also heartfelt stories, expert insight, and knowledge that is beyond anything you could expect. The tour guides truly are experts in their areas. You could try to take sightseeing tours of Sedona on your own, but you will always come away feeling like a visitor. With a guided tour, you come away feeling like a Sedona native who is wise to all the secrets this wonderful area has hidden within it.