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Enjoy a Taste of Egypt With Sedona Tours

Sedona is a place ripe for adventure and Sedona tours can take you to places you never thought existed in Arizona. Take, for example, our tour of Egypt. The tour services include an hour-long narrated tour of such wonders as the sphinx, pyramids, a temple, and Egyptian gods, all among the wondrous Red Rocks. You will feel like you traveled outside the country and landed in another desert thousands of miles away. Learn all you can about the various Egyptian gods and experience the sacred feeling at the Isis Temple.
Sedona tours cover a variety of treats, from psychics to music to a night of UFO lookout. Have you ever wondered what might exist outside our atmosphere? Our tour services just might be the chance you have sought to find out. We can't guarantee you'll see a UFO, but imagine the anticipation and wonder as you wait and watch, hoping for a glimpse of something larger than ourselves.
If visiting Egypt and watching for alien beings isn't enough, enjoy getting a psychic reading or listening to healing music by local musicians. You will fall asleep at one of our vacation rentals with a smile on your face and peace in your heart that you thought had left long ago. Join one or all of our Sedona tours. The world is only a bus ride or jeep ride away.